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Collective Nouns For Birds

Collective Nouns

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Collective Nouns for Birds

  • A band/A party/A scold of jays
  • A bazaar of guillemots
  • A bellowing of bullfinches
  • A bevy/A covey/A drift of quails
  • A brood/A clutch/A peep of chickens
  • A brood of hens
  • A cadge of peregrines
  • A cast of falcons
  • A chain of bobolinks
  • A charm/A chirm/A trembling/A trimming of finches
  • A charm/A chattering/A drum/A troubling of goldfinches
  • A charm/A chattering/A drum/A troubling of hummingbirds
  • A cloud of seafowls
  • A colony/A flock/A raft of auks
  • A colony of avocets
  • A colony of gulls
  • A colony of ibises
  • A colony/A parcel/A rookery of penguins
  • A colony/A committee/A wake of vultures
  • A company/A flock/A pandemonium/A psittacosis of parrots
  • A company/A bunch/A coil/A flight/A knob/A trip of widgeons
  • A congregation/A charm/A flock/A gulp/A murder/A tiding/A tittering/A tribe of magpies
  • A congregation/A band/A flight/A leash/A stand/A wing of plovers
  • A convocation/An aerie of eagles
  • A covert/A commotion/A cover/A fleet/A flock/A pod/A rasp/A swarm of coots
  • A covey/A brace/A brood/A flight/A pack of grouse
  • A covey/A bevy/A clutch/A warren of partridges
  • A covey of ptarmigans
  • A crowd of redwings
  • A descent of woodpeckers
  • A desert/A deceit of lapwings
  • A dole/A flight/A piteousness/A pitying/A prettying of doves
  • A fall/A covey/A flight/A plump of woodcocks
  • A flight of birds
  • A flight/A gulp of cormorants
  • A flight of goshawks
  • A flight/A flock/A kit/A passel of pigeons
  • A flight/A gulp of swallows
  • A fling of dunlins
  • A fling of sandpipers
  • A flock of birds
  • A flock of bustards
  • A flock of swifts
  • A flock of turkeys
  • A flush of ducks
  • A gaggle/A flock/A plump/A skein/A team/A wedge of geese
  • A head/A herd of curlews
  • A herd/A bank/A bevy/A drift/A game/A herd/A lamentation/A squadron/A team/A wedge/A whiteness/A whiting of swans
  • A herd/A flock of wrens
  • A hill of ruffs
  • A host/A quarrel/A tribe/A ubiquity of sparrows
  • A knob of pintails
  • A mews/An aerie/A cast/A kettle/A mew/A screw/A stream of hawks
  • A murder/A hover/A muster/A parcel of crows
  • A chattering/A cloud/A congregation/A clutter of starlings
  • A muse of capons
  • A muster/An ostentation/A pride of peacocks
  • A mustering/A flight/A phalanx of storks
  • A mutation of thrushes
  • A bouquet/A head/A warren of pheasants
  • A parcel of linnets
  • A parliament/A stare of owls
  • A parliament/A building/A congregation/A shoal/A wing of rooks
  • A pitying of turtledoves
  • A plump of moorhens
  • A plump/A bunch/A knob/A raft of waterfowls
  • A pod/A scoop of pelicans
  • A prattle of parrots
  • A pride/A flock of ostriches
  • A rafter of turkeys
  • A run of poultry
  • A sedge/A siege of bitterns
  • A sedge/A herd/A sedge/A siege of cranes
  • A sedge/A flight/A hedge/A rookery/A siege of herons
  • A flush/A puddling of mallards
  • A spring/A bunch/A coil/A knob/A raft of teals
  • A squabble of seagulls
  • A stand of flamingos
  • A trip of dotterels
  • A trip/A bunch/A knob/A lute/A skein of wildfowls
  • A wake of buzzards
  • A walk/A wisp of snipes
  • A watch/A match/A pray of nightingales
  • An army of caterpillars
  • An exaltation/An ascension/A bevy/A flight of larks
  • An ostentation of peacocks
  • An unkindness/An aerie/A conspiracy of ravens

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