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Topical Maths Secondary 4 (Year 10) - Singapore Books

Topical Maths Secondary 4 (Year 10)


Topical Maths Express is a series of books written for students to build a strong foundation in maths. Each book provides a comprehensive coverage of the Secondary Maths syllabus, and serves as a good revision for students before their examinations.

This series is based on the MOE (Ministry of Education) and all books adopt a topical approach so that students can revise the topics that they are weak in. Notes are given in each topic for students to learn and revise various key points and formulae. There are ample practice exercises for each topic so that students can attempt more questions on various topics that they do not have confidence in. Answers and fully worked solutions are provided for all questions to enhance students' understanding in how to master certain questions.

Attempting all questions in this book will definitely help students to excel in maths as well as to gain more confidence for their examinations.

-topical approach

-clear learning objectives

-notes including explanations and teaching points

-ample practice exercises

-answers and full-worked solutions provided

-Topics covered are in the pictures below

ISBN : 9789814711623

Number of pages: 444

Author A. Tan

Singapore Books Customer Reviews

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Singapore Books Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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