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Intermediate Pack Primary 5 Maths, English & Writing - Singapore Books

Intermediate Pack Primary 5 Maths, English & Writing

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This pack is suitable for Australian Grade 5 or 6 students. Pls refer to sample pages to see if the books are the right level for your child.

Book 1: Ultimate Guide for Grammar, Vocabulary & Comprehension Primary 5

Ultimate Guide for Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension is divided into three main sections. Grammar section introduces the pupil to grammar rules that he/she is required to master at his/her respective levels. Vocabulary section allows pupils to increase their vocabulary through various themes with words that will be useful in writing. Comprehension section will focus on the various visual and non-visual text according to the latest examination format of PSLE English Language Examination for Primary 4 to 6. The pupil can expect to become more proficient in the English language as well as be adequately prepared to excel in their examinations.

All our books comes with answers at the back of the book.

Subject English

Level Primary 5

Author Teo Bei Bei
Pages 332

Books 2: Problem-Solving Processes in Mathematics Primary 5

Problem-Solving Process in Mathematics is designed specially to help pupil develop mathematical concepts and acquire thinking skills through a series of systematically developed Problem-Solving Processes (PSP). Each PSP focuses on a particular problem-solving strategy through a well-illustrated example. A series of questions which can be solved using the same strategy is then formulated to enable pupils to reinforce that problem-solving process. A diagnostic test is provided at the end of each topic to gauge the pupil's level of competency in various topics.

ISBN 9789814238168
Subject Maths
Level Primary 5
Author Fabian Ng
Pages 484
Books 3: Writing Creatively for PSLE English Composition (Primary 5 & 6)

This composition guidebook aims to help the pupil write creatively in both continuous and situational writing for the latest PSLE English Language examination format issued by the Ministry of Education. In each unit, the pupil is guided in the writing process through question prompts, vocabulary lists, model compositions and concept maps. Question prompts are especially useful for the pupil who may encounter difficulties in beginning a composition. These prompts will help him/her to think of ideas. The pupil can expect to liven up his/her writing through vocabulary lists that include useful phrases, similes and idioms. The pupil can plan and organise his/her work through the use of a concept map introduced in this book. Model compositions are provide the pupil with examples of good writing. The ‘General Knowledge’ section provides interesting information so that the pupil is motivated to read widely and develop good writing skills.

Comes with answers and model essays at the back.

Level Primary 5 & 6
Author Mabel Loke
Pages 236

Books 4: Maths Weekly Revision Primary 5

Each book comprises 40 practices, with each focusing on sub-topics taught for the week in most schools. Questions are set to test the pupil's basic understanding of the topics taught in school. Practising these questions will help the pupil to reinforce Mathematical concepts and motivate them to apply their knowledge to tackle difficult Maths questions and nurture their thinking skills. It seeks to cultivate the pupil's interest in the subject and help him/her achieve excellent result in examinations.

ISBN 9789814308830
Subject Maths
Level Primary 5
Author Henry Lee
Pages 244

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