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Everything You Need To Know About English - Upper Primary - Singapore Books

Everything You Need To Know About English - Upper Primary


This is for Upper primary suitable for Primary 4 to 6.

This learning resource for primary school pupils contains all they need to know about grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms and proverbs. The pupil will find it informative and useful as they are encouraged to apply what they have learnt in school.

The pupil can bolster his/her knowledge and have a firm grasp of the language through comprehensive notes. He/she can expect to build a strong foundation in the language through in-depth explanations and relevant examples highlighted to teach him/her apply the words and expressions introduced.

Fun Exercises are provided to allow the pupil to reinforce English Language skills. It is a must-have for the pupil who aims to be more proficient in the language and excel in examinations.

  • Comprehensive notes with keywords highlighted
  • Interesting features to enhance learning of concepts
  • Glossary of scientific terms and definitions

Pages: 484

Author: Li Lian Lim

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