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Bridging from K2 (Prep) to P1 Science - Singapore Books

Bridging from K2 (Prep) to Primary 1 Science


Bridging K2 (Prep) to Primary One is a series of 6 books specially written for preschoolers in preparation for primary school. The books aim to make the transition from preschool to primary school easier for the child. (Note that K2 is equivalent to Prep in Australia)

The series comprises 6 books: Grammar and Vocabulary, Comprehension, Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Science and Character Education, It follows the MOE syllabus for Primary One and provides a wide variety of interesting and stimulating exercises to engage preschoolers in active learning. Concepts are introduced and presented in a fun and creative manner to maximise learning. Each book also comes with a parents’ guide.

By doing the exercises in each book, preschoolers will be equipped with the necessary skills for the transition to Primary One.

ISBN :   9789814403696

Number of pages: 260


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