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Bridging K2 to P1 Han Yu Pin Yin 汉语拼音 (6-7 years old) - Singapore Books

Bridging K2 to P1 Han Yu Pin Yin 汉语拼音 (6-7 years old)


小学一年级学童入学时,将首次接触汉语拼音的课程。如果学童在学前阶段就已对汉语拼音有基本认识, 入学时学习汉语拼音将收到事半功倍之效。





Bridging K2 to Primary One is a series of 6 books specially written for preschoolers in preparation for primary school. The books aim to make the transition from preschool to primary school easier for the child.

The series comprises 6 books: Grammar and Vocabulary, Comprehension, Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Science and Character Education, It follows the MOE syllabus for Primary One and provides a wide variety of interesting and stimulating exercises to engage preschoolers in active learning. Concepts are introduced and presented in a fun and creative manner to maximise learning. Each book also comes with a parents’ guide.

By doing the exercises in each book, preschoolers will be equipped with the necessary skills for the transition toPrimary One.

ISBN : 9789814473187

Number of pages: 296

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