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Scholarship Test formats and types

What are the different scholarship test formats? We have collated some information from the various testing organisations.

Most Australian private schools outsource their scholarship testing. This helps keep the process unbiased and ensures consistency across different schools. There are generally 3 main test organisations that schools use as assessment tool: -The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and Edutest and Academic Assessment Services (AAS). You will need to find out which testing organisation that your preferred school/s engage and make arrangements for your child to sit an exam. If you are applying for a range of different scholarships, or to several different schools, your child may need to sit more than one scholarship test.

In addition to the test, there's also personal interviews, references and a portfolio or audition where relevant. Other than academic aptitude, sporting achievements, artistic talents or volunteering commitments are also taken into consideration.

ACER scholarship tests Introduction

There will be a maximum of four separate test. Not all schools administer all four test. Candidates should check with the school which of the following tests they will actually be sitting. The time allowed for each, and the order in which they will be taken are as follows:

Test structure:

Secondary Levels -4 separate tests administered in the following order:

Test 1: Written Expression (extended response, 25 minutes)

Test 2: Humanities (multiple choice, 40 minutes)

Test 3: Mathematics (multiple choice, 40 minutes)

Test 4: Written Expression (extended response, 25 minutes)

Primary Levels -3 separates tests administered in the following order:

Test 1: Reading and Viewing (multiple choice, 30 minutes)

Test 2: Mathematics (multiple choice, 30 minutes)

Test 3: Writing (2 x short extended response, 20 minutes each, total 40 minutes)

For more information, please visit The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) website.

Edutest scholarship tests Introduction

Edutest scholarship tests are specifically written to differentiate top students with the high ability and achievement skills. Results will be delivered within 7 working days of testing.

Generally your child can only sit for ONE test each year and the results will then be transferred to the other schools you have registered for within that year.Some schools, however, do not share results. Please refer to the special conditions associated with the schools you have applied to. Your child must sit at the earliest test date eg if you chose 2 schools, with School A testing on February 28th and School B testing on March 1, then your child must sit the test on February 28 with the results being sent to School B when they test. (Except in the case of those schools that do not share results.  Please refer to the special conditions associated with these schools)

The following tests are conducted on the day of the scholarship or entrance examination:

1. Verbal Reasoning (30 mins): measures the ability to think and reason using words and language
2. Numerical Reasoning (30 mins): measures the ability to think and reason using numbers
3. Reading Comprehension (30 mins): measures the capacity to read and interpret meaning from written passages, and sentence correction 
4. Mathematics (30 mins): measures appropriates mathematical knowledge, tapping numbers, measurement, algebra, space and data
5. Written Expression (15 mins): this test assesses the ability to convey ideas clearly in written form. Punctuation, creativity, construction, grammar, spelling and relevance to the tasks are assessed. 
Visit Edutest website for more details.

Academic Assessment Services Scholarship Test

Academic Assessment Services tests are suitable for students entering Year 4 to Year 11 and are customised and specific to a school’s needs. Scholarship tests use higher-order items to distinguish students of higher ability. Scholarship tests are administered scored and reported by Academic Assessment Services and can be held on a date chosen to suit your school’s particular needs. We also offer the service of testing remote, interstate and overseas students.

Students are assessed in:

  • Abstract Reasoning and Problem Solving (45 minutes) – this test assesses the ability to reason with and analyse information using verbal, mathematical, figurative and spatial concepts 
  • Mathematics Achievement and Reasoning (45 minutes) – for primary and junior secondary students these tests assess curriculum-related mathematics tasks and mathematical reasoning tasks. Middle and senior secondary students are assessed on mathematics reasoning tasks. These are different to curriculum-based mathematics and focus on problem-solving skills
  • Reading Comprehension (45 minutes) – this test assesses the ability to remember, locate, analyse, evaluate, derive and combine text propositions with fiction and non-fiction texts of increasing complexity
  • Written Expression (25 minutes) – this test assesses students’ facility with written language. A stimulus is provided for students to produce a piece of writing in a particular genre (e.g. narrative or argument) depending on the requirements of the School.

Visit Academic Assessment Services (AAS) website for more details.

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